Mobile as your target

The advantageous offer made to SMEs, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and traders who want to ensure their presence all year round.

Your advert meets your customers at the corner of a street, in the city centre and in urban areas. Choose your format on the traffic sides of the different vehicles, alternately visible on different lines.


ProductsAL4 - F4*AL200 - F200MAXI 12
SupportsSimple and articulated autobus
6 month833.-1'950.-5'030.-
12 month1'361.-3'214.-8'262.-
Additional period. + 1 year1'320.-3'160.-8'080.-

ProductsAL24 - F24AR MIDI 24AR MINI 12
SupportsSimple and articulated autobus
6 month5'629.-5'350.-3'088.-
12 month9'261.-8'854.-5'024.-
Additional period. + 1 year9'080.-8'760.-4'840.-

SupportsTram S.03Tram S.03 / S.04Tram S.04
6 month2'723.-2'949.-5'446.-
12 month4'515.-4'885.-9'030.-
Additional period. + 1 year4'480.-4'840.-8'960.-