Our mandate

To offer every customer the most effective custom-tailored mobile communication by optimising his advertising investments according to the highest quality criteria.

Our vision

Guaranteeing the customer the most innovative and state-of-the-art means of advertising for mobile wrapping and digitalised advertising and thus the optimal effectiveness of his investment.

Our values

Respecting the contractual agreements with partners and advertising customers. Preserving the visual identity of tl/LEB. Heeding the passengers’ comfort. The advertising should not be too intrusive; instead it should inform in a pertinent manner.

With an experienced employee team that listens carefully to the customer's needs. Making sure that the suppliers respect the values of long-term development.

Communicating to the outside world with financial transparency. Guaranteeing an outstanding quality-price ratio.

Doing everything for the deployment of new technologies so that we are always a long jump ahead of the market. 

The highest aesthetic performance thanks to timely placement and mounting.

Given an ever more-hectic workflow, we want to optimise our processes insofar as possible in order to be able to do jobs in ever shorter amounts of time.